Berlin, Germany 21.03.15

Berlin was the next trip of 2015, there was no real point for this trip just a bunch of lads wanting to soak up the German culture and history… oh yeah and the beer!


Berlin was great, we spent five nights at EastSeven hostel, which is by far the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in! Once again the wifi was weak however the rest of the facilities were great! There was four of us in a room (myself and three mates)  with two bunkbeds, there was more than enough room and each person has their own locker, lamp  and side board, handy!

You could pay €3 a day for a continental breakfast which we thought was pretty cheap, the surrounding area is full of bars and cafes that we used some days when we were feeling a change.

Any spare food/drink even money had it’s own section within EastSeven, the atmosphere and surroundings were so friendly and everyone just wanted to share and help each other out.

The hostel also sold cheap beer and the staff were a great bunch of guys, if you’re in Berlin on a budget I highly recommend EastSeven 100%!

Upon arrival we met a tour guide called Alexander in the lobby of our hostel, he was just about to embark on a city walking tour, we thought why not and quickly dumped our bags in a locked storage room. This was my first real insight to Berlin and the people there, it was amazing, we stopped at a few other hotels and hostels and pick more newcomers up then began our adventure into the city centre. Alexander was a great tour guide, he was full of history and really enthusiastic about what he was talking about, clearly a man who loves his job, his passion was tremendous! I learnt an insane amount about the city itself and the history of the past, with myself not being the biggest history guy around, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On the first day we visited the East Side Gallery, this is a long stretch of the Berlin wall covered in the most picturesque murals and art you will ever see. This is definitely worth seeing if you visit Berlin! Below is a photo I snapped of an insane piece!

2015-03-25 17.41.55-1

If you happen to be in the city on a Sunday, it’s worth checking out Mauerpark market. This is a stereotypical German market, full of culture, full of currywurst and most importantly full of beer! It was great just chilling out here all day, I had a few beers and tried some incredible German dishes that were locally made, the best way! There is a section of the Berlin within the park itself, you can chill on swings and watch some amazing graffiti artists showing off their newest work, this is really a special place. The atmosphere was superb, everyone was just so friendly!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Travelling around the city is so simple, you can grab day tickets for the Ubahn, and SBahn for a small fee indeed, these can take you wherever you want! We decided to spice it up a little and hire some bikes, I had previous european city riding experience from a recent Amsterdam trip back in 2014, so I knew how good it was going to be! We were told about an abandoned airfield public park by the extremely helpful lady in our hostel that we couldn’t not go and see before we left, so we decided to cycle there. It was roughly a 30 minute cycle south of the city, we got lost but that was part of the fun. Seeing Berlin by bicycle is highly recommended, you’ll fit in with the locals too!


Tempelhof was the name of the Airfield public park, and it was truly amazing! Everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves, if you can find an unhappy person in Tempelhof I’d be amazed! The park welcomes all kinds of sports, I was there for several hours and witness cycling to kiteboarding to go karts! I managed to get my hands on a skateboard from a local hire place so fulfilled my time there cruising around soaking up the good vibes and views. Get yourself there!

2015-03-27 22.38.22

Along with doing loads of stuff during the day we wanted to explore Berlins’ nightlife, after hearing some stories about the insane nightclub Berghain from a crazy french dude in our hostel we were amped to get ourselves there. However the night we planned on going out Berghain wasn’t open so we had to settle for the next best thing. After asking around in the hostel we jumped into a taxi and asked for ‘Suicide Silence’, yes you heard right, ‘Suicide Silence’ was the name of the only club open on our chosen night, so we went! We left the taxi and were confronted by a sketchy looking area, no one was in sight just old buildings peppered with graffiti and before we knew it the taxi had sped off.2015-03-25 02.59.35-1The first club we came to we got refused entry because there was ‘too many men’ in the club apparently, or they just didn’t like our tourist clothes and north east English accents, but never mind we continued looking. The next club we came to had a queue, we stood in silence with a load of German folk holding our passports as ID waiting for the bouncer to call us up one by one. After getting to the front of the line the bouncer just happened to be from Nottingham, we had a good chat with him about how he ended up in Berlin and how he met his German mrs, but yea, he was sound as! We stayed in the club, had a few beers, it was a cool place with graffiti everywhere, the locals were hanging upside off the rafters on the ceiling, it was mental! 2015-03-25 02.48.41

We eventually got to Suicide Silence, it was a dark warehouse building with deep house music non stop, we got super messy on Jagerbombs and had a great night!

We went to visit all the historic buildings and did the whole touristy thing which was cool too, below I’ve posted some photos of these along with some extras! Feel free you get in touch if you have any questions on visiting Berlin!


2015-03-23 12.02.10 2015-03-23 18.06.19 IMG_2526 2015-03-25 18.49.542015-03-21 15.29.152015-03-23 13.05.202015-03-25 14.26.26

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2015-03-22 12.51.40

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